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08-11-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Mozambique: Thousands at risk of disease and malnutrition as rainy season begins


More than half a year since cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit Mozambique, thousands of people are at risk of disease outbreaks and worsening food insecurity during the coming rainy season.

19-09-2019 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific , Africa , Americas , Europe , MENA

The Cost of Doing Nothing


A new report by the world’s largest humanitarian network warns that the number of people needing humanitarian assistance every year as a result of climate-related disasters could double by 2050.

13-06-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Red Cross on Alert as Uganda Confirms First Ebola Case


According to the Ministry of Health, a five-year-old boy from Uganda returned from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on 10 June. The child presented with Ebola symptoms...

07-06-2019 | Latest News , Africa

IFRC Calls For “Reset” of Ebola Response As Cases Surpass 2,000


Aid organisations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) need to “reset” their response to the current Ebola outbreak and place more emphasis on understanding and addressing persistent community fears, mistrust and concerns.

16-05-2019 | Latest News , Africa

DR Congo: "We Cannot Scale Down While Ebola Escaltes" says IFRC


The international community must urgently increase its investment in Ebola response efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo before the outbreak escalates further.

26-04-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Cyclone Kenneth: First reports from northern Mozambique


Red Cross teams in northern Mozambique are reporting serious damage in towns and communities that bore the brunt of Cyclone Kenneth overnight.

11-04-2019 | Latest News , Africa

DR Congo: “Ebola is spreading faster, and many people are no longer seeking care”


The deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is worsening as trust in the response effort falters, says the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

05-04-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Red Cross Races To Contain Cholera Crisis


The Red Cross is working round the clock to ensure that Mozambique’s cholera crisis doesn’t threaten tens of thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Cyclone Idai. More than 1,700 cases of the deadly disease have now been confirmed.

03-04-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Mozambique: Aid reaches community cut off since cyclone


More than 2,300 people isolated since Cycone Idai struck Mozambique received a major delivery of Red Cross emergency supplies late yesterday.

25-03-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Mozambique: “Speed, quality and scale of response critical to preventing disease outbreaks,” says IFRC Secretary General


The Red Cross and Red Crescent is speeding up efforts to prevent disease in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, with the arrival today of an Emergency Response Unit providing sanitation for 20,000 people every day. Two emergency field hospitals will follow.