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21-03-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Cyclone Idai survivors arrive by rescue boat in Beira, Mozambique


Survivors of Cyclone Idai arrive by rescue boat to an evacuation centre in Beira. Volunteers from the Mozambique Red Cross are providing first aid, medical triage, emergency supplies like blankets and helping with the registration of evacuees.

19-03-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Mozambique: Full extent of humanitarian emergency still emerging


With reports that at least 400,000 people have been made homeless in central Mozambique, the world’s largest humanitarian network is warning that the full extent of the “humanitarian catastrophe” caused by Tropical Cyclone Idai may take days to become clear.

23-12-2018 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Red Cross in action after Krakatoa tsunami


The Indonesian Red Cross is providing emergency assistance and helping clean up after a series of tsunami waves struck Sunda Strait, which connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean at the tip of Sumatra and Java.

09-11-2018 | Latest News , Africa

Nigeria Floods


30-10-2018 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific , Africa , Americas , Europe , MENA

Governments and aid groups must do more to stop millions being "left behind", says new IFRC report