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24-02-2015 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Japan - Four Years On




< Message from Fukushima to the world >

00:04   Narita Airport JRC members are leaving to Philippines

00:30   Philippines Manila, shot of the city

01:13   Visit to Philippine Red Cross

01:48   Visit to Olongapo City National High School

02:04   Presentation of the situation in Fukushima by JRC members at the high school

02:42   Cultural exchange in Japanese summer kimono and traditional tea ceremony

03:20   Lupang Pangako district in Payatas

04:05   Visit to a house in Payatas

05:08   Junior Red Cross High School Conference in Fukushima

05:16   Arrival of high School students to the conference

05:22   Preparing for the presentation

05:30   Presentation of programmes in the Philippines


< A new hospital for Minamisanriku >

06:10   Shot of the coast in Minamisanriku

06:36   Shot of people sorting fish on shore in Minamisanriku

06:52   Shot of the construction site for the new hospital in Minamisanriku

07:20   Shizugawa hospital (former Minamisanriku hospital) right after the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

07:27 Current Minamisanriku temporary clinic

07:33 Waiting area in current Minamisanriku temporary clinic

07:40 Patient getting her blood pressure checked

07:44 Doctor giving health check to a patient

07:48 Patients


It is a temporary clinic, but it is well equipped.


The clinic makes me feel safe.

If you have two or three children,

It is very convenient to have pediatrics nearby.

08:43 Building a new hospital for Minamisanriku

09:06 Model of theNew Hospital


< Coming out of the darkness - Helping children to cope >

09:30     Shot of the coast in Iwate

10:19     Iwate Children’s Care Center

10:27     Interior of the center

10:51     Shot of the staff room and staff working

11:13     Shot of a poster explaining mental health issues related to earthquake

11:30     Interview with Dr. Yagi with the movies in 2011(no voice)

11:43     Dr. Yagi talking to a patient’s mother (no voice)

11:57     Dr. Yagi working in her room

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