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22-03-2015 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Vanuatu: Videos of Cyclone Pam


Video 1: Distribution effort

Eton village on the main island Efate was badly damaged due to Cyclone Pam. It is estimated that total of 50 households were effected by the catastrophe. Vanuatu Red Cross Society and National Disaster Management Office distributed the supplies on Friday in the village. People were given kitchen kits, tarpaulins and solar chargers among other household supplies.


Video 2: Volunteers

Volunteers lining up at the Vanuatu Rad Cross to get their bibs/ vests. Each volunteer has to be registered before being allocated duties to the distribution.


Video 3: Repairing the water supply

Melé village on Efaté island is the biggest village outside of the capital. It is situated on the outskirts of the capital Port Vila. Melé has 5 000 inhabitants. Tropical cyclone Pam damaged the water system and broke the water tank in the village allowing trash to fall into the tank. French Red Cross installed water purification system to the tank in order get clean water for the villagers.


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