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23-08-2015 | Latest News , Europe

Lesbos Aid Distribution


In the past months, tens of thousands of people have arrived on the island of Lesbos in Greece, well beyond the capacity of the authorities to manage. The Red Cross has been providing relief items to those waiting in the First Reception Centre on the island, near Moria, however resources are extremely limited.


Outside the official centre, a makeshift camp has sprung up, where hundreds wait to be able to proceed with registration. Each day, more arrive, as without registration, it is not possible for them to legally stay in hotels or guesthouses, even if there were enough available.


The majority of those at these camps wish to proceed to the mainland as quickly as possible, and then on to other countries, however registration for those of nationalities other than Syrian takes at least five days, and the waiting period to begin registration can be twice as long again.



00:00                  Title card

00:10                  Red Cross workers transfer relief items in a warehouse on Lesbos, Greece.

00:26                  Relief items in a warehouse on Lesbos, Greece.

00:34                  Red Cross workers prepare relief items for transfer to camp to be provided to those in need.

00:40                  Red Cross stickers being attached to relief packs.

00:47                  Relief goods being unloaded from a truck for distribution at Moria First Reception Centre, Lesbos, Greece.

00:56                  Volunteers transfer relief items being transferred within the first reception centre for provision to those in need.

01:28                  Tents at a camp outside the first reception centre in Lesbos, Greece

01:48                  A man from Afghanistan pitches his tent outside the First Reception Centre on Lesbos, on the same day that he had arrived with his family by boat from Turkey.

01:51                  Young men wait outside the First Reception Centre for registration. The eggs they have just bought will form a main part of their meals for the coming days.

01:54                  A young Iraqi boy sits with his family sits under an olive branch and tarpaulin that forms their shelter in Lesbos. He shows the toys that his parents bought for him in Iran, while travelling by bus to the Turkish coast.

02:00                  Children from Afghanistan clap and make music under their temporary shelter outside the First Reception Centre on Lesbos, Greece. These families have been in this makeshift shelter for days on end, waiting for registration.

02:42                  A man walks among the tents in the temporary camp established outside the First Reception Centre in Moria, on the island of Lesbos, Greece

02:50                  END 

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