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28-08-2015 | Latest News , Europe

Migrants continue to cross from Greece into Macedonia: B-Roll


Migrants continue to make their way into FYR of Macedonia from Greece, arriving in the town of Gevgelija. The Red Cross is helping with medical attention, water and food as well as hygiene kits and baby supplies. These clips include the Samir family who fled Syria, Red Cross volunteers building shelters and refugees and migrant GVs.   



Title card


Man sawing wood for Red Cross/UNHCR migrant shelter


Man hammering while building Red Cross/UNHCR migrant shelter


Men with wheelbarrows work on Red Cross/UNHCR migrant shelter


Red Cross doctor tends to children of migrants in tent

00:54      Samir family from Syria having doctors words translated to them

01:06      Samir family from Syria

01:21      Pan inside tent sheltering migrants waiting for a train north to Serbia

01:39      Samir family shampooing girl

01:50      Long line of migrants arrives in FYR from Greece

02:06      Red Cross volunteers build shelters for migrants

02:20      Red Cross volunteers build shelters for migrants

02:26       End.


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