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01-11-2015 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Typhoon Haiyan two year anniversary. Red Cross operations after the disaste


Typhoon Haiyan two year anniversary. Red Cross operations after the disaster



00:00:00-00:05:00       Red cross staff in the office

00:05:00-00:10:00       Red cross staff crossing the river

00:10:00-00:15:00       Red Cross staff (PRC logo) over the shoulder explaining to the community

00:15:00-00:20:00       Red Cross staff explaining to the community

00:20:00-00:25:00       taking notes focus pull to people listening

00:25:00-00:33:06       Sequence of Red cross staff in school ground talking to each other

00:33:06-00:36:23       Red cross staff trekking

00:36:23-00:48:02       Red cross staff talking to construction worker

00:48:02-01:03:05       Red cross staff talking to each other while worker installs banner of“health facility reconstruction”

01:03:05-01:16:17       community pan to new built houses

01:16:17-01:24:06       Shelter operation banner pan to establishing shot of workshop

01:24:06-02:39:29       Sequence of construction works on the prefabrication workshop

02:39:29-3:18:09         people crossing the river

03:18:09-03:47:01       Sequence of workers building a house

03:47:01-03:53:15       Newly built houses

03:47:01-04:01:25       Pan down house interior

04:01:25-04:30:04       Sequence of people listening to red cross lecture on house building

04:30:04-05:45:20       Sequence of family making brooms

05:45:20-06:49:07       Sequence of health facility being constructed

06:49:07-06:57:28       Sequence of red cross staff in the classroom

06:57:28-07:01:14       prefabrication site

07:01:14-07:11:17       Red cross staff carrying a baby

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