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15-02-2016 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

5 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake


Standing by the affected people~5 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami




Northeast coast of Japan, Iwate


Katsurao village, Fukushima


Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Shinkai’s previous house in Katsurao village “When the accident happened, I did not know how serious the radiation would be. The villagers have mixed feelings about returning and worry about whether it is safe or not.”


Shots of Mr. and Mrs. Shinkai’s temporary house in Katsurao village


Interview with Mr. Shinkai “5 years have passed since the evacuation, but our future is still not clear. This instability is starting to feel like a normal part of life.”


Shot of the household appliances that were given to families staying in temporary housing which were bought using donations made to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Shots of the International Festival in Tokyo, Mr. Shinkai’s second daughter, Midori, joined the Japanese Red Cross Society as a volunteer.



Interview with Midori Shinkai. “After the disaster, the Japanese Red Cross Society supported us in various ways. In high school, I was a blood donor recruitment volunteer and after I entered university, I have become even more interested in volunteering.”


Shots of Ms. Midori’s house in Kanagawa Prefecture, featuring the household appliances provided by the Japanese Red Cross Society.



Interview with Midori Shinkai in her home. “I realized that we really need each other to survive. I was so touched by the support we received.” Interview with Midori Shinkai at the International Festival in Tokyo. “I hope to work in the field of disaster relief in the future.”




Shots of Iwaizumi town, Iwate Prefecture, public housing was built for the affected community and Visual of Ms. Hakoishi’s house


Interview with Ms. Hakoishi. “I was not used to sweating much, but after I started Nordic walking, I am in good shape.”

“I spend most of my time inside my small house, so it is very pleasant to go for a walk outside in nature.”

“Many of those who live in temporary or public housing rarely exercise. Walking outside in a cheerful mood improves their physical function. Nordic walking brings many good effects.”



Shots of Nordic Walking in Iwaizumi town, Iwate.


Smiles of the interviewees




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