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08-03-2016 | Latest News , Africa

B-roll of Doris Kamara, 48, restaurant & bar owner, Kailahun District, SL


Date: 01/02/2016

Type: B-roll


Ebola outbreak – B-roll of Doris Kamara, 48, restaurant and bar owner, Kailahun District, Sierra Leone

Two years following the declaration of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, communities and governments in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are moving into the recovery phase, determined to make their countries stronger before Ebola decimated families, economies and health care systems.

Through its five pillared response, the IFRC, in support of the three affected National Societies, played a key role in helping to bring the outbreak to an end. Thousands of volunteers were involved in contact tracing, case management, beneficiary communications and social mobilization, psychosocial support, and safe and dignified burials (SDB).

During the outbreak, public gatherings were banned. Instead of going to restaurants to eat, people stayed home, greatly affecting the livelihoods of thousands of business owners.

Doris Kamara, 48, has owned a restaurant and bar in Kailahun district, the epicentre of the outbreak in Sierra Leone, for eight years. During the outbreak, her profits disappeared and she was forced to stop serving food, however, she finds business is coming back, since Ebola was eradicated from the eastern district a year ago.



00:00 – 00:04 MS of Doris stirring a pot of food

00:04 – 00:13 WS of Doris stirring a pot of food

00:13 – 00:22 CU of boiling pot of food

00:22 – 00:38 MS of customers in Doris’ restaurant

00:38 – 00:55 MS of Doris talking with a customer

00:58 – 01:03 MS of Doris opening and closing door of freezer

01:03 – 01:08 MS of Doris opening freezer, taking out beer and handing it customer

01:08 – 01:14 MS of Doris opening freezer, taking out two cans and walking out of shot

01:14 – 01:19 CU of Doris’ hands as she reaches into freezer and removes two cans and walks out of shot

01:19 – 01:31 MS of customers sitting out front of Doris’ restaurant

01:31 – 01:39 MS of Doris’ restaurant sign

01:39 – 01:49 WS of row of shops/restaurants, including Doris’

01:49 – 01:57 WS of man selling purses/shoes from wheelbarrow in front of Doris’ restaurant

01:57 - ENDS

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