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08-03-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Interview with Kadiatu Bangura, 13, Ebola survivor, Waterloo, Sierra Leone


Ebola outbreak – interview with Kadiatu Bangura, 13, Ebola survivor, Waterloo, Sierra Leone

Two years following the declaration of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, communities and governments in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are moving into the recovery phase, determined to make their countries stronger before Ebola decimated families, economies and health care systems. 

Through its five pillared response, the IFRC, in support of the three affected National Societies, played a key role in helping to bring the outbreak to an end. Thousands of volunteers were involved in contact tracing, case management, beneficiary communications and social mobilization, psychosocial support, and safe and dignified burials (SDB).

While it was the largest and deadliest Ebola outbreak the world had ever witnessed, there were also survivors.

Kadiatu Bangura, 13, is an Ebola survivor. She was only 11 when she arrived at the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre in Kenema. Her entire family had Ebola and had all been sent to different treatment centres. Kadiatu was by herself, very weak and lethargic. However, gradually, over the course of two weeks, Kadiatu grew stronger, and was one of the first patients to be discharged, having had two Ebola tests come back negative. She now lives in Waterloo with her mother, brother and other family members. Only her father has not returned. No one is sure what happened to him. She is strong and healthy. Math is her favourite subject but her best grade is in religious studies.



00:00 – 00:08 MS of health care workers in personal protective equipment at Red Cross Ebola treatment centre in Kenema and Kadiatu walks by

00:08 – 00:17 MS of Kadiatu in the high risk zone of the treatment centre, sitting down to eat

00:17 – 00:25 MS of Kadiatu in high risk zone of treatment centre, getting blood drawn to test if she has survived Ebola

00:25 – 00:52 MS of Kadiatu dancing with fellow Ebola survivor and staff member, just prior to being released from the treatment centre in Kenema

00:52 – 01:02 MS of Kadiatu dancing from a different angle

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