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04-01-2011 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

New Canadian Red Cross Emergency hospital in response to the cholera crisis


HAITI CHOLERA - 2 NEW B-Rolls available

Haiti's cholera crisis continues to worsen. As of 17 December, authorities were reporting more than 128,251 confirmed cases, with 2,707 deaths. The Red Cross cholera operation in Haiti aims to support 100,000 families over the coming 6 to 12 months.

A new and large Red Cross CTC has been set up in Carrefour in Port-au-Prince's south-west. The emergency clinic, deployed by the Canadian Red Cross, has the capacity to handle 72 in-patients, and to provide 35 more with oral-rehydration solution. So far, almost 400 patients have been treated and the CTC is accepting referrals from surrounding, smaller clinics. The Red Cross is currently running or supporting 23 CTCs or CTUs. Support includes the provision of clean water, sanitation facilities, medical supplies and logistic assistance.

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