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14-03-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Ismail Foday, 60+ years, chief and farmer in Kailahun District, SL


Two years following the declaration of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, communities and governments in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are moving into the recovery phase, determined to make their countries stronger before Ebola decimated families, economies and health care systems.

During the outbreak, farmers were not allowed to tend to their fields, affecting both food production and the ability of families to earn a livelihood.

Ismail Foday is a chief and farmer in Kailahun District, the epicentre of the outbreak in Sierra Leone.



00:00 – 00:15 MS Ismail Foday standing in his farm fields, in front of his small shelter

00:15 – 00:24 WS of the farmer talking about a plant

00:24 – 00:31 MS of farmer talking about plant

00:31 – 00:34 WS of farm land

00:34 - 00:38 WS of farm land from a different angle

00:38 – 00:51 MS of grass hut with shadow of children inside, then pan to farm field

00:51 – 01:11 Pan of hillside farm land and back

01:11 – 01:17 WS of farm land

01:17 – 01:30 Farmer hops on back of motorcycle and drives away

01:30 – 01:35 WS of farm land

01:35 – 01:39 WS dirt road and forest area

01:39 – 01:53 Dirt road, with man sitting on motorbike

01:53 - ENDS



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