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Fiji ? 100 days since Tropical Cyclone Winston


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Country: Fiji

Date: 20/05/2016
Type: B-roll (GVs and I/Vs)
TOTAL TIME: 13m.13s

Fiji – 100 days since Tropical Cyclone Winston – B-roll of cyclone damage and psychological first aid activities in Nukubalavu Village, Savusavu town, Vanua Levu Island. Interviews with beneficiaries, volunteers, and delegates on psychological first aid, and with Fiji Red Cross Society management on what’s been achieved in the first 100 days and what still needs to be done.

On 20 February, 2016, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston devastated large parts of Fiji. 350,000 people – almost half the country’s population – were affected, and 32,000 houses were destroyed or damaged.

100 days later, much has been achieved. Fiji Red Cross has reached 63,000 people with emergency aid, including tarpaulins, blankets, clothing and hygiene items, as well as shelter toolkits and psychosocial support.

However, the Cyclone Winston appeal is only 69 per cent covered, and there is much work still to be done in the areas of shelter, water and sanitation, hygiene and health promotion and psychological first aid. Fiji Red Cross is asking the international community not to forget about those who are still suffering 100 days on from the worst cyclone to ever hit Fiji.


Savusavu township

00:00 Fiji Red Cross Savusavu HQ, staff unloading emergency aid from back of Red Cross truck, map on the wall showing targeted areas for Red Cross psychological first aid

00:39 Nukubalavu Village GVS, kids standing on a bridge

00:56 Cyclone damage in Nukubalavu Village – tents, piles of roofing iron and debris

01.23 Beach at Nukubalavu Village, wide shot of village and coconut trees

01.33 Piles of iron and wood debris, villagers walking through the debris

02.02 Kids playing and climbing in massive fallen tree

02.14 Woman cutting, peeling cassava for dinner, boy walking past her with sack

02.31 Men clearing section in preparation to build new house, men on roof hammering in nails “Bula!”, wide shot of building site.

02.58 Fiji Red Cross volunteers arriving at Nukubalavu Village, IFRC psychosocial support delegate Holly Griffin briefing with volunteers

03.28 Volunteers Von Abbie and Asenaca Manalovo heading to give psychological support at a village house

03:45 Von and Asenaca walk with beneficiaries Lusiana and Makarita Racani, arms around Makarita. Fiji Red Cross volunteers sit on porch of house giving psychological first aid (talking and listening) to Lusiana and Makarita. Individual shots of the foursome talking and listening.

05.00 Lusiana and her mother Makarita walking through the village and onto the beach, looking and pointing out to sea.

05.52 Tracking shot from behind, then alongside, Makarita walking through the village past debris and broken houses

06.10 Interview with Lusiana Racani, villager/beneficiary, Nukubalavu Village

07.23 Interview with Holly Griffin, IFRC psychosocial support delegate

07.57 Interview with Asenaca Manalovo, Fiji Red Cross volunteer, Savusavu branch

08.33 Interview with Von Abbie, Fiji Red Cross volunteer, Savusavu branch

08.57 Interview with Marica Kepa, Fiji Red Cross health coordinator

10.30 Interview with Filipe Nainoca, Fiji Red Cross director general

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