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13-02-2017 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Fiji ? One year since Tropical Cyclone Winston.


B-roll of Red Cross rebuilding Vunikavikaloa Arya School in Ra Province, building core shelters in Nukubalavu Village, Vanua Levu Island and in Naboutolu Village, Viti Levu Island, constructing a spring protection system on Koro Island, and other work. Interviews with beneficiaries, volunteers and Fiji Red Cross Society management on what’s been achieved in the past year. 

On 20 February, 2016, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston devastated large parts of Fiji. Forty--four people were killed, and 350,000 people – almost half the country’s population – were affected. 32,000 houses were destroyed or damaged.

One year on, Red Cross continues to work in the hardest-hit areas. Fiji Red Cross has so far reached 77,000 people with aid, including tarpaulins, blankets, clothing and hygiene items, and shelter toolkits, as well as clean water, health and hygiene messaging, psychosocial support, new houses, Build Back Safer training and messaging, and improved sanitation.

Fiji Red Cross is rebuilding 230-pupil Vunikavikaloa Arya School as part of the Government’s Adopt A School programme. It has also built 6 core shelters, and plans to construct a total of 35 in the worst-affected villages. These homes are built by Fiji Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as a training exercise to help other villagers build back better and safer. Volunteers and staff will continue to work with the hardest-hit communities for the duration of the recovery operation which ends on 31 May 2017.


00:00               Wide shot of Vunikavikaloa Arya School

00:05               Vunikavikaloa Arya School sign, with Red Cross containers in the background

00:10               Red Cross container and Red Cross vehicle outside Vunikavikaloa Arya School (pan from left to right).

00:15               View of damaged school with man walking in the background (pan from right to left).

00:21               Builder working on the roof of Vunikavikaloa Arya School

00:26               Builder working to remove the old roof of Vunikavikaloa Arya School so the new one can be installed

00:33               Damaged Vunikavikaloa Arya School GV

00:36               Man carrying chair out of damaged classroom.

00:41             Man in gumboots walks through the puddles inside a damaged classroom at Vunikavikaloa Arya School, carrying chairs.

00:49               Man walks past damaged mathematics posters.

00:51               Flooding in a damaged classroom at Vunikavikaloa Arya School.

01:02               A builder hammers a wooden frame at Vunikavikaloa Arya School.

01:09               Builders and volunteers working on the school (pan from left to right).

01:14               Builder saws through a piece of wood at Vunikavikaloa Arya School

01:21               Builder at work on the roof of Vunikavikaloa Arya School (wide shot)

01:26               Interview with Asishwar Prasad, Vunikavikaloa Arya School head teacher

01.50               Sam Naborokia, Red Cross beneficiary, wheels himself down the ramp of his new home, built by Fiji Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

02:05               Sam Naborokia is wheeled up the ramp of his new house

02:12               Sam Naborokia relaxes on the verandah of his new house, built by Red Cross in Naboutolu village (wide shot)

02:22               Sam Naborokia wheels himself into his new home in Naboutolu village

02:32               Sam Naborokia sits inside his new home, built by Red Cross.

02:40               Wide shot of Sam’s new home and Naboutolu village

02:46               GVs of Naboutolu village – clothes hanging on the washing line, children waving

02:58               Interview with Sam Naborokia, Red Cross beneficiary (in Fijian, with translation)

03:48               Fiji Red Cross staff and volunteers walking up the mountain to the spring in Tuatua village, Koro Island.

04:03               Red Cross staff and volunteers work with villagers from Tuatua on Koro Island to construct a spring protection system, providing clean drinking water to 370 people.

04:31               Builders from Fiji Red Cross work on a “core shelter” in Nukubalavu Village, Vanua Levu Island

04:44               The recipients of the core shelter, Makarita and Lusiana Racani talking with Fiji Red Cross staff outside their new house.

04:56               House recipient Makarita Racani watches progress on her new house

05:05               Interview with Lusiana Racani, a Red Cross beneficiary, and her mother, Makarita Racani

06:06               Interview with Sitiveni Balawakula, Fiji Red Cross builder

06:43               Shot of workers building the roof of Vunikavikaloa Arya School (POV from roof)

6.58                 Wide shot of workers preparing steel in front of Vunikavikaloa Arya School

7.10                 Interview with Fiji Red Cross director general Filipe Nainoca

8.45                 ENDS

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