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19-09-2017 | Latest News , Africa

Sierra Leone Mudslides and floods


Date: 14 and 16 September 2017

Type: B-roll

Title: Broll_Psychosocial support


B-roll of volunteers providing psychosocial support to people affected by the mudslide and floods, in group and one-on-one discussions.

Locations: Dwazark and Old Skool (yes, spelled properly), Freetown, Sierra Leone

Overnight 14 August 2017, after several days of torrential rainfall, devastating floods and mudslides occurred in and around Sierra Leone's capital city, Freetown. The most affected areas are in the eastern part of Racecourse, and in the outskirts of Regent and Lumley areas.

The deadly mudslides wiped out several communities in Regent destroying more than 1,200 homes. More than 500 people are confirmed dead.

Survivors have crowded into schools, partially constructed buildings, mosques, churches and other temporary shelter. More than 1,900 families require urgent humanitarian assistance. With heavy rains continuing through September, conditions may grow worse before they become better.

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, in close collaboration with the IFRC and other Movement partners, has been at the forefront of the response with 100 volunteers carrying out search and rescue operations, providing first aid to survivors, distributing emergency supplies and comforting the bereaved through psychosocial (PSS) support.

PSS activities include one-on-one and group discussions with survivors and those affected, as well as psycho-educational games and play time with children, and discussions with responding Red Cross volunteers to ensure their mental wellbeing is also being attended to.

In the first month of operations, PSS volunteers have reached approximately 5,000 people.

An Emergency Appeal of 4.6 million Swiss francs has been launched to help 4,800 people in the aftermath of the disaster and to support their long-term recovery needs.

Shot list

Dwazark community of Freetown

00:00 – 00:08   MS from behind of female PSS volunteer speaking to group of flood-affected

00:08 – 00:16   MS from within the crowd facing a female PSS volunteer speaking to the group; male PSS volunteer enters the frame

00:16 – 00:23   MS from within the crowd of a male PSS volunteer talking to the group

00:23 – 00:28   MS from below of young girl in crowd with PSS volunteer in background

00:28 – 00:36   MS of male PSS volunteer interacting with someone in front row

00:36 – 00:42   MS of male PSS volunteer kneeling down to interact with someone in front row

00:42 – 00:49   MS from partial side of female PSS volunteer speaking to group

00:49 – 00:59   MS of Haja, female PSS volunteer and Ebola survivor speaking to the group

Old Skool, Freetown (Housing survivors from Regent, epi-center of mudslide)

00:59 – 01:06   WS of camp at Old Skool with survivor approaching tent to receive PSS

01:06 – 01:23   WS of PSS volunteers getting settled for their one-on-one sessions with two survivors

01:23 – 01:37   WS of kids playing soccer then pan to tent where two survivors are receiving one-on-one PSS

01:37 – 01:49   MS of PSS volunteer, Isha Wilson-Clarke, interacting with survivor

01:49 – 02:12   CU of PSS volunteer, Isha Wilson-Clarke, listening to and then talking with mud slide survivor

02:12 – 02:21   MS over the shoulder of PSS volunteer, Isha Wilson-Clarke, interacting with survivor

02:21 – 02:28   CU of PSS volunteer, Isha Wilson-Clarke, interacting with survivor who gestures

02:28 – 02:40   WS of two survivors receiving PSS

02:40 – 02:48   WS then pan of two survivors receiving PSS

02:48 – 02:58   WS of two PSS volunteers (Isha Wilson-Clarke on left, Jestina Boyle on right) walking past camera in Old Skool camp

02:58 – 03:11   WS from behind of two PSS volunteers (Isha Wilson-Clarke, Jestina Boyle) walking into Old Skool camp 

03:11 - ENDS

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