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28-06-2019 | Latest News , Americas

Venezuela IFRC Operation Continues


A third consignment of IFRC aid supplies arrived in Caracas, Venezuela, on 17 June. The shipment includes medicines, medical supplies and electricity generators which are being distributed to Red Cross and public health facilities across the country. They are part of a massive IFRC/Venezuelan Red Cross effort to meet the health needs of 650,000 people over a 12-month period.

In addition to delivering sorely needed medical supplies, IFRC is also supporting Venezuelan Red Cross community health days. These events take place in communities across the country and allow people to access free medical check-ups and, where necessary, receive free medication. More serious cases are then referred to Red Cross hospitals and clinics where they can access free treatment and care.




Title card


Red Cross staff and volunteers inside a warehouse preparing aid relief kits for distribution.


Red Cross Head of emergency operations in a logistics meeting with Red  Cross staff.


Red Cross aid convoy on route to distribution points.


Relief items being delivered and offloaded at a hospital in Puerto Cabello.


An electric generator being offloaded at the hospital.


Interview with Red Cross Volunteer Ariadna Morillo

For me to be here is, first of all I feel proud because I belong to a big movement like the Venezuelan Red Cross. And to see that I can participate in activities in a place where I live my everyday, in the University, and where students and teachers are participating and receiving a good benefit from it, It gives me a great personal satisfaction because I can really see that we are working with people that I know really need it.


Interview with patient Irene Méndez

I came today to the medical mission. I’m glad I could come because I’ve been having migraines and haven’t had the time to go to a consult, and they gave me medicine such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, that I couldn’t buy before due to financial problems. I believe that this medical mission is amazing. Especially for the people that don’t have the economic capacity to receive a medical consult or buy their medicines.

You can imagine the stress I have every morning. So for this medical mission I said, no… I cannot miss this great opportunity that the Red Cross is providing us. Thank you for this incredible day.


Red Cross staff and volunteers register patients for check-ups and treatment at Universidad Central de Venezuela.



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