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03-09-2012 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Japan: Life in Fukushima prefecture 18 months after the disasters


As of August 14th, according the Government, 111,000 people had been officially evacuated from the 20-30 km exclusion zone around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and another 51,000 people had evacuated on their own initiative In some of those areas where people are being allowed to go back after radiation levels were declared safe for living, only a minority of people have so far returned,.

3,013 people have been tested for radiation in the Fukushima Red Cross hospital by the whole body counter purchased with the cash contribution received by JRCS from overseas. So far there has been no one who showed a high level of radiation contamination.

As part of its recovery programme, JRCS is supporting reconstruction oftemporary or permanent hospitals in 7 locations. Among these seven medical facilities are a renovated hospital in Onagawa, a nighttime emergency unit and extended inpatient wards and an outpatient hospital in Shizugawa. Four out of these 7 projects are already completed.

In Fukushima Prefecture, JRCS has provided more than 100 radiation scanners to check the levels of radioactivity in food and water and a whole body scanner to test people's exposure to radiation.

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