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15-07-2014 | Latest News , MENA

Iraqi refugees flee to Kurdistan region


Footage of Iraqi refugees and Interview with a volunteer from the Iraqi Red Crescent in Sinjar, which received thousands of families who were forced to leave their homes to seek refuge and shelter in Kurdistan region after the eruption of violence in Nineveh, Salaheddin and Diyala provinces.


00:00 - 00:11 Title
00:11 - 00:47 IRCS volunteers delivering food parcels in Sinjar
00:47 - 01:14 IRCS volunteers packing food parcels at Sinjar branch headquarters

Interview Sakar Nawaf, 19

01:14 -01:29: The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has been supporting the families here in Sinjar since the first day of the
01:29-02:33: Here in Sinjar we continue to support the families who fled from Tal Afar and other areas. We volunteer for about 16 to 17 hours a day in support to the humanitarian needs of the families. Sinjar is a very small city with a limited capacity to host this big number of families. Our teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society have provided essential support, including food parcels, two hot meals per day, mattresses, and water to the families in need.
02:33 - 02:53 Truck carrying relief to community hall where 200 families are staying
02:53 - 03:10 Children staying in community hall relief centre
03:10 - 04:05 :People lining up to collect aid from community hall


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