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25-03-2015 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Cyclone Pam: Tanna Island, Vanuatu


Tanna is one of the worst effected islands in Vanuatu. Tropical cyclone Pam hit the islands on March 13th 2015. Thousands of homes across the island have been destroyed. The cyclone has impacted the livelihoods of those effected with crops destroyed and water sources contaminated. The Red Cross is currently focusing its relief response on meeting immediate needs including providing clean drinking water, distributing essential supplies and providing emergency shelter materials.

LOCATION: Tanna Island, Vanuatu
DATE FILMED: March 23th and 24th 2015 LENGTH: 5:30

B-roll shotlist

  • Aerial view of Tanna island.

  • Military helicopter brings emergency relief items to the island.

  • Unloading the items from the helicopter.

  • Driving to Greenhill community, northern part of Tanna island.

  • Moses Bob (soundbite included) rebuilding his mother’s house

  • Namel David (soundbite included) weaving new roof to her house

  • Red Cross emergency relief aid distribution in the Greenhill community, northern part of

    Tanna island.


    1)Moses Bob (male)

    What just happened was something that we never expected.
    This cyclone was one of the worst cyclones ever.
    It’s something our forefathers have predicted that we would have in the coming years.

    Namel David (female)

    Now I don’t have anymore food in my garden, all the bananas have fallen down and everything is gone. I’m helpless.

    Mr. Hannington Alatoa, President of Vanuatu Red Cross Society

Certainly sanitation and health and hygiene and certainly in terms of that I think there’s already identification of the water sources which are clean and that other steps will have to be taken to make sure these are secured and then all the other facilities especially relating to water will be cleaned up and awareness in hygiene and health will be immediate after this time of activity.

Mr. Hannington Alatoa, President of Vanuatu Red Cross Society
In terms of community I think certainly maintaining and giving confidence in them and building that confidence in all of us, and especially them, and also building the resilience. But also looking at the immediate to long term. Medium to long term I think it is important that we link scientific research and empirical data into the planning so that in terms of reconstruction we can build a new Vanuatu which is going to double it’s resilience in coping with such a disaster at this magnitude like Pam.


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