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02-06-2015 | Latest News , Europe

Ukraine: Internally displaced people


Since the beginning of civil unrest, Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) has been responding to the needs of the vulnerable people. The deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in south-eastern Ukraine continued to escalate during 2014 and 2015 and has resulted an estimated 2.2 million people being displaced. Although a significant number have fled to other countries including Russia and Belarus, the majority are displaced internally within Ukraine.

Since April 2014, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society has assisted more than 502,400 internally displaced people across all Oblasts (administrative units/regions) of the country including the city of Kyiv. The worsening situation demanded the mobilization of all available resources of the URCS’s emergency response teams, trained volunteers and all available emergency supplies in the warehouses.


00:00                  Title Card

00:10                  A family prepares food in a collective centre in Kyiv city, using items provided by Ukrainian Red Cross Society (with support of Red Cross Society of China)

00:27                  Red Cross volunteers register IDPs in Kharkiv regional Red Cross branch, for distribution of relief items including food, clothing, etc.

01:34                  Displaced people queue to receive hygiene and cleaning items outside the Red Cross office in Kharkiv

02:25                  Volunteers register details of IDPs who will receive assistance.

03:02                  Red Cross volunteers load non-food relief items into vehicles for distribution at collective centres in Kharkiv city and surrounding region.

03:52                  Red Cross vehicle driving through streets of Kharkiv city, bringing relief items to a collective centre where IDPs are accommodated

04:08                  Volunteers unload relief items at a collective centre in Kharkiv

04:37                  Volunteers distributing relief items at a collective centre for displaced people in Kharkiv city

04:59                  Registering details of beneficiaries who are receiving assistance at a collective centre in Kharkiv city

06:08                  END

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