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16-06-2015 | Latest News , Europe

Inside Cara Mineo Refugee Camp, Catania



Who, what, where

00.07 – 00.29

Streets of CARA Mineo, Catania, refugee camp.

00.30 – 00.44

Refugees are waiting outside the Red Cross Medical post of CARA Mineo.

00.45 – 00.55

Red Cross nurses are waiting in front the medical post.

00.56 – 01.04

Doctor and Red Cross staff are talking outside the medical post.

01.05 – 01.40

Red Cross Doctor Serena Leotta is checking a patients heartrate and blood pressure inside the medical post.

01.40 – 02.00

Inside the medical post there is a small Pharmacy where patient get there medical recipes from the nurses. They are given through a window so the patients don’t crowd the small building.

02.01 – 02.33

Doctor Serene Leotta is having a consult with one of her patients inside the refugee camp.

02.34 – 06.58

Doctor Serena Leotta:
“Today we are in CARA Mineo. It’s a camp with 4000 refugees. They come from all over the world, but especially form conflict area. Like the African ones; Somalia, Eritrea, Gambia, Mali, Nigeria and also Syria or Pakistan.

When they arrive here they are also very tired. They just need to drink or have some food or take a shower. To have new shoes, new clothes. Sometimes the also have real medical problems like a fever or longsinfection or trauma’s.

Me and my colleagues we all try to help them for the sanitaire service that they need. But we also listen to them. And some times this is most important. More important than just giving them a medicine or a medical therapy.

Because sometimes they don’t really have a physical disease. But often their problems are also the psychological problems. Because they afford a really difficult journey before coming to Italy. So sometimes they see their parents or their sister or brother or children dying in the sea. So they need us to listen to them and to help them solve also these kind of problems.

We are very bussy all day. Because we are open 24 hours a day. And we take care of the emergencies but also of the common problems that anyone of us can have. Like a headache or toothpain or a stomach ache. Also we have other serious diseases. Some infectious diseases. We see heart problems, kidney problems. This is a general clinic so we see every kind of health problem.

I think it would be very hard without us. Because I think we are not just doctors or volunteers or or drivers or nurses. But we have something more. Because we have the seven principles of the Red Cross that are guiding us. First of all the Humanity. So I think our job is more qualified also in this sense. Because we look at the entire person. Not just the hand or the head. We look at the as people, as persons.

We have to afford this kind of problems just from Catania or just from our local committees. So we need to have more help.

If you think that from 2011 we have had 17000 people coming here. So in this moment we have 4000 people. So you can understand that these people need every kind of cure from us.

The people here need medicines. We need materials for the clinic. Not just medicines but every kind of material that can help us to work as well as possible with them. So from the papers to the sheets to instrumentals. Everything. So we are for the very big deal everyday.































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