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19-06-2015 | Latest News , Europe

B-Roll of a migrant boat landing at Catania Harbour



Who, what, where

00.06 – 00.17

Red Cross volunteers are getting instructions whilst waiting on the arrival of 350 migrants that were picked up by the Guardia Costiera.

00.18 – 00.58

Red Cross volunteers are preparing a sick-bay and temporary facilities right next to the quay so the migrants can be guided straight to the different posts that lend them the necessarily first aid.

00.59 – 01.16

The boat with over 350 migrants is entering the harbour. Red Cross volunteers are waiting for the boat to first migrants to set foot on land.

01.16 – 01.31

The migrants are guided off board. One by one they have to let their picture taking. They are getting numbered so that later on in the process shoe sizes, meals, clothing and other first aid can be registered by person.

01.31 – 01.57

Most migrants arrive without footwear so they are first given socks and later on shoes.

01.58 – 02.14

Volunteers are preparing water bottles to hand out to the migrants. As most of the migrants haven’t had enough to eat or drink during their journey they are often dehydrated.

02.14 – 02.19

Volunteer are talking to a sick woman on an ambulance as she can’t walk on her own.

02.19 – 02.24

A Red Cross doctor is preparing for giving treatment to the sick and wounded migrants.

02.25 – 02.40

Migrants are waiting in line for further treatment and registration.

02.40 – 03.10

Red Cross volunteers are sorting shoes and handing them out to the migrants.

03.10 –

Red Cross Volunteer Simona Scandurra explains what the landing in this case looked like:

“We have had over 350 persons that came from the sub Syrian region. And we have had different cases. For example: we have had 6 pregnant woman. And we managed to hospitalize all of them. Just to check them in a better way.


Many of them arrive without shoes. As you can see there were many man without socks. So we gave them socks. And after that we gave the water. Many of them have a problem with dehydration so they are in lack of water. Together with the first aid we try to manage the situation.


We have an office of the IRFL. Which is an activity of the Red Cross. And we always have someone of the office that’s present during the landing. Because sometime they (migrants) come to us and say “I came here and I know my husband came here one year ago”. So we pay attention to this just to do our work after the landing. So we take all the details from a person that is looking for another person, another relative.


Sometimes it happens that a cultural mediator of the centre calls us. And they explain us the situation. After that we start the procedure to find the relative. And it happens sometimes ofcourse.


I think psychological support is one of the most important we can give. Because during the sea journey and also in Libya they had many problems. They are beaten, they had problems with the military in Libya. In Libya the situation is like a mess. So I think the psychological support is one of the most important in this moment.

Ofcourse in this moment there is not much you can do. But it is also important to be with a person, to stay with him, to look in his eyes o see what he wants to express. Just to relax him as much as possible.


Since th summertime and during the summer the landings are more and more numerous. So therefor the socks are important, the water is important. But also all the things that the staff have to wear during the landing.


Also the medicaments. It could happen that they could finish. We don’t know what could happen within this month. But we have seen that it’s a problem that the landings will be more often.


Fortunately we are a strong team so we are present. But it’s not enough sometimes.


It’s busy but it’s good work. Because when you receive a smile from a person that has experienced something that we can not even understand, and he or she smiles, that’s the biggest present that we can get. It’s a busy work but I think that we can be useful.

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