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22-06-2015 | Latest News , Africa

Guniea: "Radio in a box" Ebola campaign


Ebola outbreak Guinea – B-roll of Red Cross mobile radio station and distribution of solar radios to vulnerable communities in Ebola hotspots like Tanéné

In June 2015, the Red Cross in Guinea started taking its mobile “radio in a box” to communities that don’t have radio stations. This mobile radio is operated out of a car, and is used to provide remote communities the opportunity to ask questions and discuss Ebola with experienced Red Cross social mobilization staff and volunteers. Talkback radio is used to help communities participate in the fight against Ebola and to regain trust in communities that were previously resistant to Red Cross outreach efforts. At the same time Red Cross distributes solar-powered radios to people in remote villages so they can listen to, and participate in, the broadcasts. The mobile radio stations will also be rolled out in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and 10,000 solar radios will be distributed in Guinea as part of the efforts to get to zero Ebola cases.



Solar-powered radio distribution at Dembayah Village, Tanéné, Dubréka, Lower Guinea

00:00               Local man with his solar-powered radio

00:08               Distribution of radios. People queueing for radios and being shown how to use them

00:40             Red Cross volunteer winds radio handle, wide shot of scene (no sound)

00:58             (Sound resumes) Red Cross staff member explains to a group of men how to use the radio, showing the torch, the aerial, and how to wind the charging handle.

Red Cross mobile radio station operating from a car at Tanéné, Dubréka, Lower Guinea

01:40               Pickup truck with radio aerial on the tray

01:47               Pan of Tanéné Ebola logistics base and Ebola holding centre

01:56               Red Cross broadcaster taking calls from community members

02:17               Close up of the radio control panel

02:33               Local journalist taking notes in back of radio car, pan to announcer

02:47               External car containing radio station, Red Cross staff member shuts back door 

02:53               Local chief talks on radio station

03:04               Pan down aerial on back of pickup. Shot of truck with generator and aerial

03:16               End


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