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06-01-2016 | Latest News , MENA

Relief distribution to IDP's in Kurdish Iraq


An estimated 3.2 million internally displaced people (IDPs) have fled from conflict in Iraq, 80 per cent of whom are in the Kurdistan Region. Alongside these IDPs, there are some 245,000 Syrian refugees in the country.

Life is not easy for displaced people, particularly during winter months. Iraqi Red Crescent Society has been distributing food and non-food relief items to those in greatest need.



00:00                  Title card

00:10                  Iraqi Red Crescent Society workers register the details of a family who will receive relief items in Shaqlawa, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

00:19                  Unloading of non-food relief items including blankets, heaters, oil lamps, tarpaulins, and other household items.

00:47                  Children look on as relief items are prepared for distribution..

01:13                  Unloading of relief items at a second distribution point.

02:14                  Unpacking of oil lamps provided for displaced people by Japanese Red Cross Society.

02:47                  Unpacking and preparation of tarpaulins and blankets for those in need.

03:19                  Families of beneficiaries collect relief items after providing their registration details to the Iraqi Red Crescent Society team.

04:00                  END

Country:             Iraq (Kurdistan Region)

Date:                   15 December 2015

Type:                  B-roll

Total time:         04:00

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