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08-03-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Migrants stranded in Idomeni, Greek border


Idomeni, Greece, beginning of March 2016. Over 8000 people, over 50% women and children, have been stranded by the border for up to ten days and hundreds more are arriving each day. The conditions are dire with families having to sleep in small tents or out in the open, having to queue for food for up to four hours and having to endure long days of uncertainty on top of all that they have been through already.
Caroline Haga/IFRC



00:00 – 00:17 General overview of field with tents

00:17 – 00:31 Hellenic Red Cross staff playing with children during distribution

00:31 – 00:49 Migrants peacefully protesting by blocking the railway lines

00:49 – END Hellenic Red Cross staff and volunteers walk among the tents and talk to families providing them with coupons for food, water, hygiene kits and baby items

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