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14-04-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Drought response: Malawi B-roll - Cash transfer beneficiary Loveness Mussa


In Malawi, the district of Phalombe experienced flooding throughout 2014 - 2015 and is now currently experiencing a severe dry spell. Crops are failing and people do not have enough food to eat. The prize of maize has doubled in the past four months due to food shortages. Three million people are currently affected by the drought across the country and the numbers are expected to increase. 

To support those affected by the drought in Phalombe district, the Malawi Red Cross Society has, since January 2016, been providing cash transfers to 1,000 households. Recipients have each been given one mobile phone, through which, they receive a text notifying them of their cash transfer. The first step is for them to accept the cash transfer on the cell phone, after which they can go to the local distribution points, where they receive cash. The transfers have been essential for surviving, say some of the recipients. 

Loveness Mussa at 46 years of age, is HIV positive. She becomes very sick when she does not have enough food. Her harvest has failed this year due to the drought, and she is depending on the Red Cross cash transfers to get by.



00:00: MS Beneficiary walk in her house

00:12: MS Beneficiary walking amongst maize crops

00:19: MS Beneficiary walking

00:32: Low shot: Dried out maize field

00:38: Low shot/ different angle: Dried out maize field

00:48: Different angle dried out angle

01:15: MS: people selling fruit

01:22: MS Man cooking

01:32: CU Cooking maize porridge

02:21: MS Beneficiary walking

01:57: WS: Dried out water hole, woman walking in it.

02:21: ZOOM: Dried out water hole, woman walking in it.

02:37: CU: Dried out tree in water hole

02:46: MS: Woman collecting water at water point.

03:23: ENDS



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