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21-04-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Water distributed by the IFRC saves lives in drought-stricken Somaliland


Country: Somaliland

Date: 15 -19 March 2016

Type: B-roll

Total time: 04:45


00:00 – 02:05

15th March, 2016: Hara Adan village, Somaliland.

Signs of drought around the Hara Adan village in western Somaliland. The water reserve pools are almost empty, but the joint water trucking activity by SRCS and German Red Cross has provided the people with urgently needed water from the Somaliland capital Hargeisa. Village life, taking water from the water pool, dry senery.


02:05 – 04:45

19th March, 2015:Qulujeed village area, Somaliland.

People from the border region between Ethiopia and Somaliland traveled to the coastal areas looking for rain and green land. The trip was over 300km long and after getting there, they couldn't find food for the animals. Now the tired people are collected at the outskirts of Qulujeed village to make it possible to provide emergency supplies like water and food for them. Now people are trying to get shelter from the sun by building small huts. Many families have lost most of their livestock during their journey. Dead animals are being collected to a ditch where they are to be burned.



Country:Khalifi village, Somaliland

Date: 17 March 2016

Type: B-roll

Total time: 03:48


An SRCS mobile clinic supported by Icelandic Red Cross takes care of patients at the outskirts of Khalifi village in western Somaliland, some two hours from Hargeisa. Most of the patients are women and children and the clinic provides basic health services for the people in the area. These include vaccinations and vitamins for the children, information and medicines for the parents and basic medical check ups where the children’s weight, height and mid upper arm circumference (MUAD) are measured. Many patients suffer from respiratory illnesses like cough or skin diseases due to the worsening drought situation.

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