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27-04-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Malawi: Food Security - Livestock


Integrated food security and livelihood project aimed at building long term resiliency in the face of a changing climate – focus on livestock production, featuring recipient Alice Harry

In Mwanza district in southern Malawi, the Malawi Red Cross Society, with the support of the Finnish Red Cross, has been implementing an integrated food security and livelihood project in the three localities of Njanjama, Kunkhoma and Ng’odzo. Reaching 3,488 people, the project’s goals included increasing the knowledge and capacity of families on livelihoods; improving availability and accessibility to food at the household level, and improving the capacity of Red Cross staff in implementing and sustaining Red Cross activities. The five-year project had an estimated budget of 238,000 euros.

The project adopted a diversified approach and included activities such as bee keeping, fish farming, small scale irrigation, backyard gardens, and livestock production.

100 people, mainly the elderly, widows, and orphans, were identified to receive 220 goats as part of the livestock production activity of the project. 

Alice Harry has been HIV-positive since 2011. For someone living with HIV, being food insecure is additionally challenging. If she takes her medication on an empty stomach, she gets terribly sick; and if she stops taking her medication, she also becomes sick. The Red Cross trained her, and other recipients, on goat management. She was originally given 2 goats, and has since sold 10. She uses the income to purchase fertilizer for her garden and to cover school fees for her three children.



 0:00 – 0:09: Local tree in bloom, sun filtering

0:09 - 0:15: Tree with beneficiary homestead in background (panning shot)

0:15 – 0:23: Wide pan of beneficiaries homestead

0:23 – 0:29: Alice approaching home

0:29 – 0:37: Alice approaching home

0:37 – 0:44: Pan of beneficiaries homestead

0:44 – 0:49: Alice releasing goats from their shelter

0:49 – 0:53: Goats in Alice’s yard

0:53 – 1:04: Goats in Alice’s yard

1:04 – 1:06: Goats in Alice’s yard

1:06 – 1:15: Wide shot of Alice in her yard with goats

1:15 – 1:17: MRCS logo embroidered on vest

1:17 – 1:27: Goats in Alice’s yard

1:27 – 1:30: Young goat in Alice’s yard

1:30 – 1:36: Alice’s hands during interview (cutaway)

1:36 – 1:43: Alice head during interview (cutaway)

1:43 – 1:50: Alice sitting with her children

1:50 - 1:55: Alice sitting with her children

1:55 – 1:59: Alice’s children

1:59 – 2:02: Alice’s children

2:01 – 2:06: Alice sitting with her children

2:06 - ENDS

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