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20-06-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Burundi refugees ? Mahama camp, Kirehe District, eastern Rwanda


When pre-election violence erupted in Burundi in April 2015, thousands of families began fleeing to the safety and security of neighbouring countries. To date, close to 270,000 people have fled, the majority settling in Tanzania.

Rwanda has seen an influx of more than 78,000 people from Burundi (UNHCR, 3 June 2016). While approximately 26,000 have settled in Kigali as urban refugees, some 49,000 have been transported to the Mahama camp in Kirehe District in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Tanzania. The number of people crossing into Rwanda has decreased, however, an average of 45 people continue to make the journey daily. An additional 10,000 refugees are expected at the Mahama camp by the end of 2016.

The majority of people are living in tents (either family sized to accommodate ten people; or in tents made for 200 people), and construction has started on semi-permanent shelters with the goal of moving people out of the tents which have a limited shelf life.

The water situation at the camp is surpassing accepted standards. People are in need of increased food rations, health care, basic items such as mattresses and clothing, improved shelter, psychosocial support and livelihoods. With the rainy season just getting started, living conditions are expected to deteriorate considerably.

In September 2015, the IFRC launched an Emergency Appeal of 549,020 Swiss francs to assist the Rwandan Red Cross in assisting 10,000 people living in the camp, as well as the host community. The Appeal is 78 per cent funded.



00:00 – 00:46 CU kids singing

00:46 – 00:53 MS people filling jerry cans at water station

00:53 – 01:01 CU of water going into jerry can

01:01 – 01:10 MS of man filling jerry can with water

01:10 – 01:19 MS of woman sifting corn

01:19 – 01:29 CU of woman sifting corn

01:29 – 01:37 CU of woman’s hands peeling kernel of corn

01:37 – 01:59 WS of man chopping wood with kitchen garden in foreground

01:59 – 02:15 MS of man chopping wood

02:15 – 02:27 CU of man chopping wood

02:27 – 02:39 MS of boy tending cooking fire

02:39 – 02:48 CU of steaming pot on fire

02:48 – 02:55 CU of boy tending fire

02:55 – 03:02 MS of boy tending fire

03:02 – 03:09 MS of different pot on fire

03:09 – 03:18 MS of woman walking by cooking pot

03:18 – 03:26 WS of pot cooking with woman holding baby

03:26 – 03:47 MS of laneway between semi-permanent houses with children running through

03:47 – 03:55 MS of men pushing bicycle loaded down with wood

03:55 – 04:01 MS of men pushing bicycle loaded with wood (from behind)

04:01 – 04:14 WS of women walking past with wash basins received from the Red Cross

04:14 – 04:27 MS of people lined up to receive wash basins from the Red Cross

04:27 – 04:38 MS of women getting wash basins from the Red Cross

04:38 – 04:47 MS from below of women getting wash basins from the Red Cross

04:47 – 04:57 MS of children helping their mother carry a wash basin

04:57 – 05:11 MS of women carrying away wash basins received from the Red Cross

05:11 – 05:21 MS of women lined up to get wash basins

05:21 – 05:31 WS of distribution point where people receive soap and material for clothing from the Red Cross

05:31 – 05:37 WS of camp with wind and children running

05:37 – 05:50 WS of camp with car driving through

05:50 - ENDS

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