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16-08-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Angola: Yellow fever outbreak crisis


Broll depicting work of Angola Red Cross in the yellow fever outbreak crisis, which struck the country in January 2016. With support from IFRC through an emergency appeal, and in cooperation with other humanitarian actors, the Angola Red Cross is working side by side with the Angolan Ministry of Health to eradicate the disease in the country.

Shots around vaccination against yellow fever in Angola.

Country:            Angola

Date:                  16 August 2016

Type:                 B-roll

Total time:        03:37


0.08 General shots of a market in which the Angola Red Cross is conducting mass vaccination

1.25 Vaccinations being done in the Boa Fé area

1.43 A citizen acts defensively towards vaccination

2.06 Crowded street in the Bita area

2.47 Family of 4 boys taking the vaccine; the youngest is afraid

3.26 Closeup of girl acting strong after vaccine

3.35 Boys fooling around and laughing

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