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17-08-2016 | Latest News , Africa

Angola: Yellow fever outbreak - Volunteers in action B-Roll


Country:            Angola

Date:                  16 August 2016

Type:                 B-roll

Total time:        02:00


Shots around volunteer action in the vaccination campaign against yellow fever in Angola.

Broll depicting work of Angola Red Cross in the yellow fever outbreak crisis, which struck the country in January 2016. With support from IFRC through an emergency appeal, and in cooperation with other humanitarian actors, the Angola Red Cross is working side by side with the Angolan Ministry of Health to eradicate the disease in the country.


0.08 View from Angola Red Cross offices in Luanda

0.27 ARC volunteers setting up in a parking area

0.50 ARC volunteers deployed in the back of a vehicle

0.55 Volunteers arrive at an area where they will run vaccination activities

1.03 Volunteers distributing tasks

1.19 Engaging with local community

1.28 Setting up vaccination materials

1.52 Sensitizing a sceptic member of community

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