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03-01-2020 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Indonesia: Record Rainfall Leads to New Year Flood Disaster


Since 28 December, floods of up to two meters, flash floods and landslides have claimed more than 43 lives,[1] injured 110, damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and affected thousands of people in North Sumatra, West Java, Bengkulu and greater Jakarta city.

The death toll is expected to rise as flood waters recede and deaths from landslides are tallied.  Floods have damaged infrastructure including 20 bridges. Several areas have announced a state of emergency until 7, 8 or 14 January.

Indonesian Red Cross emergency boat teams are rescuing people stranded by rising water and running evacuation centres with emergency services, as well as providing emergency supplies and emotional support for those who have had to leave their homes.


00.00 - 04.58

 Indonesian Red Cross volunteers rescue a baby, small children and other stranded family members by boat. 

04.59 - 05.24

 Jakarta flood current situation

05.25 - 08.08

 Evacuees in Red Cross rescue centre where volunteers provide emergency supplies and psychosocial support for older people and children.

08.09 - 08.38

 Indonesian Red Cross volunteers also open a field kitchen to provide and distribute healthy food to evacuees.

08.39 - end

 Current situation (03/01/2020). The flooding has subsided, and the affected residents began cleaning their houses. Indonesia Red Cross also distributes clean water.


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