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01-05-2020 | Latest News , Europe

Sicily: Italian Red Cross Supporting Rescued Migrants in Quarantine


Palermo, Sicily: The Italian Red Cross is currently supporting rescued migrants in quarantine aboard the Rubattino ferry boat, off the coast of Palermo. A 26-strong Red Cross team is working alongside Italian authorities to provide a range of services for 183 people rescued in the Mediterranean Sea and brought aboard the Rubattino ferry where they are quarantined.

The Red Cross is helping with COVID-19 testing of the people rescued, providing health and mental health support, giving out hygiene kits, masks and food.  They are also providing phones and connectivity so people rescued can contact their families at home.

Video description: Italian Red Cross teams board the Rubattino ferry boat, off the coast of Palermo, to provide humanitarian assistance to quarantined people, rescued from the Mediterranean Sea.  They provide psychological support, health care, food, masks, hygiene kits and are also supporting COVID-19 testing.

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