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06-02-2024 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific , Europe

One year mark of Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes – Footage available


Marking one year since the catastrophic earthquakes that devastated Türkiye and Syria, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) calls for renewed solidarity to meet pressing humanitarian and recovery needs, highlighting a critical funding shortfall in its ongoing humanitarian response.
Despite reaching 14 million earthquake-affected people (10.5 million in Türkiye and 3.5 million in Syria) through the tireless efforts of 80,000 volunteers, the IFRC Emergency Appeals still face alarming funding gaps: 65% for Türkiye and 43% for Syria.
In Türkiye, the Turkish Red Crescent has been instrumental in providing daily necessities, including over 426 million hot meals and free medical services via mobile health clinics. Furthermore, through a cash relief program supported by the IFRC network and international partners, over 460,000 families have received cash to meet their basic needs. Notably, this program has also extended support to small businesses and farmers, while over 207,000 people have received psychosocial support.
In Syria, many affected people were already living in a dire situation, due to over 13 years of instability and conflict. Most cities are still in ruins, and basic infrastructure is severely damaged. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues to be a critical lifeline, providing around 23 million humanitarian services. Meanwhile, volunteers continue to provide people with food, water, basic relief items, health care, and psychosocial support.
The IFRC launched two Emergency Appeals, one for Türkiye and one for Syria, amounting to CHF 500 million; both are still significantly underfunded (funding gap of 65% in Türkiye and 43% in Syria).

Read our latest press release for detailed information here.
B-roll footage and images of volunteers responding. If you would like more information, contact media@ifrc.org.

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