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17-02-2012 | Latest News , Africa

Food insecurity in the Sahel, Chad - Up to 14 million affected


Countries in the Sahel region of Africa (including Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Senegal) are again experiencing food insecurity due to poor harvests caused by a combination of failed rains, pest attacks and localised flooding. The food shortages are further complicated by population movements, rising food prices and rapid population growth.

The IFRC estimates that up to 14 million people are currently affected and fear that those numbers may escalate towards 23 million as indicated by the EU unless the emerging crisis is averted.

The Red Cross in Chad is being supported by the global Red Cross Red Crescent network. The footage (here) illustrates the situation in country and the local response.


B-Roll of the current situation and shotlist are available to preview and download.

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