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16-03-2012 | Latest News , Africa

Sahel Food Crisis, help is needed now


Video 1 - Integrated health center in Kofo, south Niger
Video 2 - Interview Mahamadou Abdou Garba (French) Director of the Integrated Health Center, Kofo, Niger


The food crisis in the Sahel is leading to increased humanitarian action by the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. In some parts of the Sahel region of Africa, the rains in 2011/12 have been below average. In Chad, for example, it has been as low as 50 per cent of normal levels. This, in tandem with insect infestations and, in some cases, political instability have led to a deepening food security crisis.

With malnutrition levels chronically high - in some cases above the 15 per cent emergency levels - the erratic rainfall, drought and damage to crops have taken vulnerable populations beyond their capacity to cope.
Rising food and fuel prices, decreasing incomes and migration are all adding to the problem, putting pressure on community reserves and pushing more people into poverty. In response, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has launched a series of appeals and disaster relief emergency fund contributions.

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