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Haiti - Health - 6 Month Anniversary


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Haiti Earthquake: 6 months anniversary


Since the earthquake, the Red Cross Red Crescent has provided medical treatment to approximately 95,000 people. As time has gone on, the nature of health needs has changed quite significantly. Today, Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers are providing pediatric care, as well as addressing the health needs that stem from cramped, camp living.
KEY FACTS AND FIGURES: (As of 25 June 2010) • 95,000 people treated by Red Cross Red Crescent health care facilities • 1,000 to 2,000 patients seen daily by basic health care units and mobile clinics. • 152,342 people been vaccinated against measles, diphtheria, rubella. • More than 16 million community health awareness text messages sent to people
participating in the programmes. More details please go to www.ifrc.org/haiti

 Title Card
 00:10  Establishing shot Top shot of German Finnish RC field hospital
 00:29  Patients waiting
 00:49  Red Cross flags
 00:57  Set up of hospital administrator Richard Munz .
 00:57  Chief pediatrician Dr Zubair Masood on ward round with Haitian pediatrician Dr Pierre Louis Marie Ossemire
 01:27  Clip of Dr Masood talking about Stacey in English.
From 810 gram she is now 1.4 almost double her weight and she is 78 days now no more IV fluid, antibiotics, only she is feeding directly with the breast for a few minutes. She is getting fed with syringes and she is getting feed with the NG tube and she is doing very good and we are very hopeful.
 01:50  Stacey Fillia
 02:00  Clip with Many Fillia, Stacey’s mother in Creole.
I was sad and after the doctor took me to see the baby. I was not really happy because the baby would not survive but God provided and thanks to the patience of the Dr she is alive today.
 02:14  Clip with Haitian pediatrician Dr Pierre Louis Marie Ossemire in French.
I help other Haitians like myself to have better health, the children who are ill get help and I am sure that the parents are really happy with the quality of care that we give to their children. I think that this touches them much.
 02:44 Shots of crying babies in pediatric ward
 02:55  1 day old baby in the intensive care unit. She was a home birth at 28 weeks. She weighs 1.4 kg and has respiratory distress syndrome as lungs not developed at 28 weeks. Baby with mother and baby in foil.
 03:17  Young children at a morning school run at Carrefour hospital by RC volunteers who help them deal with the trauma of the quake.
Establishing shot of RC volunteer Erline Francois singing and teaching ABC
 05:04 Interview Erline Francois, 32 teacher and RC volunteer in French : There are children who don’t have parents who have lost their mother and father and we help them to feel better about themselves and that they can feel live alive once more. We give them love and affection.
 05:31 Mobile clinic exterior shot to show remote Chameau camp in the mountains outside Carrefour.
 05:47  Exterior of clinic.
 05:54  Inside people queing to register
 06:17  Dr Andre Leroux and nurse vaccinating screaming boy.
 06:42  Getting medicine
 06:59  Dr escorts woman and baby with skin infection to doctor
 07:16  Interview with Dr Andre Leroux in French.We leave every day and we take the pulse of people. We know how it is in the town, in the villages, in the mountains. The people are very ill here. We are the eyes and ears of the hospital in Carrefour.
 07:30  Woman with baby skin infection.
 07:50  Interview with Dr Marie Claude Jean in French with baby and mother.It is a contagious skin disease as you know they live in tents. The problem is that the water they use is contaminated water. I have given a prescription for medicine and I have told her to take it with treated water for the child.
 08:06 Destruction shots of Leogane, the town at the epicenter of the quake.
 08:32  Japanese clinic in Leogane establishing shot.
 08:38 Interview Dr Yuen Pak Chuen in English treating child with eye infection
There are lot of Haitian people who have skin and eye infections because of poor personal hygiene and that they are walking bare foot and lots of wounds, mosquito bites and minor injuries that sometimes get infected sometimes.
Child crying as Dr puts ointment in eye and reverse shot of Dr putting patch on child’s eye.
Finnish clinic at La Piste, the biggest camp in Port au Prince, people waiting for treatment
 Woman in agony being escorted out of tent.
 09:44  Dr with patient in tent and children close ups waiting
 10:04  Establishing shot of Dr Manoucheka Vieux with patient
 10:16  Clip Dr Manoucheka Vieux in French
We talk to them and we try to put ourselves in their shoes because they really really need us to understand them and there are people who come here not to get medicine but just to talk to us because we talk to them and try to understand them.
 10:40  Interview Dr Manoucheka Vieux in French
I think that the situation is going to get worse with the rainy season because the tents are not going to offer enough protection and there will be lots of mud and the babies and children won’t know how to keep safe and I think it is going to be really bad. We are going to see lots of ill people.
 11:03  La Piste shots of camp and people
 11:34  END

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